Quality Control

Product development

Oude Door Control Technology has more than 20 in-service engineers and technicians, and has independent research and development institutions, laboratories and testing centers. Oude is committed to leading the enterprise through technological innovation, bringing together the elites of the industry with high-quality prospects. Resources, with strong R & D design strength to drive technological breakthroughs, its product technology indicators are leading in the country, some of the main performance indicators have reached the international level of similar gating technology, research and development of high-performance Oude brand gating products, is Ode has been Development direction


Quality is the foundation of the product. Oude Gating Technology pays great attention to product quality, carries out high-standard control and inspection of products, and develops strict technical procedures for each process, and implements perfect quality appeals into every aspect of production. Product quality assurance and technology upgrade

Oude Gating Technology has introduced automation equipment such as multi-station machining centers and CNC machining centers from abroad. Every employee of Oude organizes production strictly according to the process, pays attention to each process production detail, and makes Oude's door closers have excellent use functions. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification; European certification, EN1154 testing; US UL certification; National Ministry of Public Security fire detection certification; Zhejiang daily hardware testing certification. The product quality has reached the fireproof technical standard of superior products. Reliable quality, beautiful appearance, stable closing, sensitive speed, 1 million times of use, including high-end products with functions of closing, locking, buffering and delay, and 15-150KG, 60-150KG torque adjustment function .