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Q1:The importance of fire door closers

A1:In the event of a fire, the fire door acts to prevent the flame from spreading and to prevent the flow of combustion fumes. After the door closer used on the fire door is loosened, the hand is pushed by the hand. When the fire door is opened, it cannot be automatically closed, and it becomes a "normally open" fire door. If a fire occurs, the fire prevention effect of blocking the smoke cannot be achieved. Therefore, the correct approach is that the fire door should be closed normally, but it cannot be sealed and locked. Because of the airtightness and lock-up, once it catches fire, it will be difficult for people to escape.

Q2:Whether the price of the door closer is good or bad

A2:The price increase of the door closers has come too fast, which has brought about no small impact on the market. There are also door closer workers who say that "this rises, that rises, that is, the wages have not risen much", especially the distribution of genuine door closer stores. Merchants do not have to panic, the price increase is good for the positive brand door closers. In the case of low-priced counterfeit door closers, the price increase is nothing but a devastating blow. The biggest advantage of the low-end inferior door closers market is the low price. However, in the face of sharp price increases, prices are approaching high-quality second- and third-line brands, which can be imagined. When the Osram closed-door company personnel exchanged with the head of the purchasing department of a manufacturer in the industry, he said that the increase in raw material prices will accelerate the reshuffle of the door closer industry. Enterprises with technological advantages and scale advantages are expected to implement in a new round of technical routes. The process continues to lead, and the lack of advantages of the door closer enterprises may be gradually eliminated